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The care and interest in the oral and dental health will assist the treatment and prevention of tooth decay and gum disease, which dramatically affect the health of the body, where the relationship between oral diseases and other certain diseases have been demonstrated by scientific studies. Therefore, Spark Company has made its own scientific researches in order to develop and create a variety of products covering all the needs of oral and dental care. These products are manufactured according to the standards of the European Union (EU), and the department of Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and with approval from the Turkish Ministry of Health. The company plant is certified by ISO 9001: 2008 quality management system and ISO 22716 cosmetics GMP. Our goal is to provide high quality products with international standards, therefore, the R&D department in the company is seeking to find a permanent medical innovation and formulas with high quality in the world of medical care. The quality control department in the company continues to work on the quality control of the products and their conformity with international standards.  
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